Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oct 15th, Air Hitam Reservoir, Penang

I took the kids out for a nature walk on Monday, taking advantage of a holiday. While they were taking a 'restroom stop', I went to investigate a loud ruckus coming from some nearby bushes. There were bulbuls of several species, tailorbirds and sunbirds, all dancing nervously around a large green snake, which I later found out was a Red-tailed Ratsnake Gonyosoma oxycephalum.

I did a couple of quick sketches, took some 'digibinned' photos, and then turned it into a painting when we got home.

I should call this The Serpent and the Sunbird! The sunbird is a male Crimson, while the less brave bulbuls are Yellow-vented and Olive-winged (2).


TopCat said...

Love the painting! What are "digibinned" photos? And what have you been doing video with?

digdeep said...

Hi there TC,

I bought a compact camera (Canon Powershot A640). Digibinning is just sticking the camera to an eyepiece of my binoculars and snapping! The videos come from the same camera.