Monday, July 20, 2009

16th July 2009: Air Itam Dalam, Juru, mainland Penang

A visit to Penang by Vincent van der Spek gave me a good excuse to spend an afternoon birding.

Not many photo opportunities but lots of good birds, including three Streak-breasted Woodpeckers at Air Itam Dalam.

A worn-looking male Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, probably a result of working hard to raise a brood! These two are digiscoped pics...

This one was taken with my DLSR set-up.


An unusually obliging Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela cristotella).

Finally, at Juru, this juvenile Crested Serpent-eagle was decidedly camera-shy! Apparently this bird is about 10 weeks old.

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