Saturday, April 23, 2011

4th April 2011: Kapar - Plovers

The three species of plover present at the roost (from right to left: Grey, Greater Sand, Lesser Sand). A few Pacific Golden put in fleeting appearances but didn't linger.

Compared to my last visit, Lesser Sand Plovers were much more advanced in their pre-breeding moult, with a few, such as the rear bird, in more or less full breeding plumage. Compared to Greater Sand Plover (front), Lesser has fewer orange-chestnut feathers on the crown and scapulars (usually, none at all), and the breastband is broader and less defined on the lower edge.It's also a deeper, redder tone than the orange breastband of Greater, though that's not always so obvious

One of each (Lesser above, Greater below), showing the structural differences (bill, legs, body and headshape).

Another odd couple, Lesser far left, Great centre.

The Greater in the centre is obvious; there's also another right of centre, facing directly away from us. The long yellowish legs and slightly warmer upperpart tones distinguish it from the surrounding Lessers.

Lessers. The lower pic looks like a Photoshopped montage of one bird, but is actually one image of four birds!

Greaters (mostly!).

Both - I'll let you count how many of each!

A Grey Plover acquiring breeding plumage.

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