Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday 6th October (Part 3)

A few more pics from my epic Friday session!

Birds have a preen gland just above the tail which secretes an oily substance that helps waterproof the feathers. This Greenshank is getting some of the oil onto the tip of its bill, which it then rubs over its feathers. Kind of like polishing one's shoes!

A couple of adult Great Knot. The greyer feathers are those that have grown more recently.

A juvenile for contrast. A couple of rows of scapulars (the plain grey feathers) are already moulted 1st winter feathers.

A couple of adult Red Knot (left) with distinctly shorter, straighter bills than Great Knot (two right hand birds).

A 1st winter Little Tern evidently enjoying its bath!

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