Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15th Jan, 2008: Mae Hia Agricultural College

I felt that the College grounds were worth another visit, so today I managed to get there a bit earlier and spend more time there.

More birds on wires! The female Crested Treeswift (on the right) seems to be having a word with the male. Sweet nothings or a hen-pecked husband?

Apparently the former. He seems positively aroused by the encounter! These pics were actually taken just outside the airport.

I managed to improve on my previous Ashy Woodswallow shot. I love the subtle vermiculations on the vent!

No apologies for yet another little Green Bee-eater!

I found the 'Lapwing fields' today (see yesterday's URL to Nick Upton's website), and found them to be really excellent.

Siberian Stonechats abounded.

Always best appreciated in flight I feel!

Wrynecks are always a bonus. This was feeding in the dry paddy stubble before I flushed it!

Best of all, some real live Richard's Pipits! After looking at hundreds of Paddyfield Pipits in Malaysia and wondering if I'd pick out a Richard's, these were reassuringly huge, long-legged and pale, especially around the face and breast. And the call really is 'an explosive schreep', just like it says in all the books!

Death by Richard's Pipit! This spider's time is up. I got this picture by sitting in a stationary bulldozer. The pipits accepted me as part of the scenery amazingly quickly.

This Burmese Shrike was cooperative enough, it just wouldn't turn round!

This Oriental Honey Buzzard actually spent a few moments trying to hover. They're not supposed to do that!

Wire-tailed Swallows are one of my favourite birds. There were a pair and some fledged young around the canal, and I actually found the nest, though it wasn't in active use.


Anonymous said...

I C U R having fun with your new camera. Great stuff! Looking forward to many an interesting image......

Mae Hia is still a lovely place for general birding....

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of seeing bee-eaters!!