Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7 - 10th Jan, Kanchanaburi, West Thailand

Kanchanaburi is famous for the 'Bridge over the River Kwai' built by prisoners of war for the Japanese army. We didn't get to see the bridge, but we did stay by the river for a few days. Here's a selection of the birdlife of the area.

Having seen White-breasted Woodswallows just a few days earlier in Malaysia, it was good to catch up with their northern cousin, Ashy Woodswallow.

Bombs away! Asian Palm Swifts were common aerial feeders.

I was pleased to see and hear Two-barred Greenish Warblers - their loud 'pschooweet' call is very obvious and distinctive. The plain lower ear coverts and unmarked lower mandible were also good features. Strangely, they were only really widespread on the first day.

Yellow-browed Warblers, were, by contrast, everywhere.

Thick-billed Warblers were quite common, often in hedgerows and underbrush well away from water, but were typically skulking and difficult to photograph!

Black-browed Reed Warblers were found in the vegetated margins of ponds.

The only other warbler I saw was a lone Radde's Warbler, which resisted my attempts to take its picture!

Of the two common bulbuls, Sooty-headed was more colourful, had a sweeter call, and was much more approachable. I liked them!

Streak-eared, on the other hand, was rather drab, sounds perpetually angry, and was much more difficult to get close to.

Black-headed Bulbul, more familiar from Malaysia, put in an occasional appearance.

This Blue-throated Flycatcher may have been the best bird I saw

While the abundant Little Green Bee-eaters were definitely the most colourful!

And this Hoopoe was probably the most bizarre!

Although the reptilian Green-billed Malkoha is quite strange too!

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