Thursday, May 15, 2008

14th May, 2008: Gunung Jerai, Kedah

Gunung Jerai is an isolated limestone outcrop on the coast of Kedah. It contains the 8,500ha Sungai Teroi Forest Reserve, which is mainly lowland dipterocarp forest, giving way to montane forest with conifers, pitcher plants and rhododendron-like shrubs near the peak (1200m). Tan Choo Eng, James Ooi and I spent a few hours there late morning and recorded a fairly average list of 23 bird species.

Cream-vented Bulbuls were among the six bulbul species we recorded.

Orthetrum sabina are particularly abundant on the mountain. I also saw Tramea transmarina and an unidentified Gomphid dragonfly.

What an ugly creature! No, not the frog, which, I think, is Rana blythii or Malayan Giant Frog, but the person who decided the best place for their rubbish after their picnic was this pristine mountain stream. The frog is apparently edible and and a popular menu item in Chinese restaurants!

This bat wasn't on Gunung Jerai, but roosting in an abandoned building at Bedong. I think it might be a Megaderma sp (or False Vampire in English) but I could be completely wrong. Any help on this and the frog would be appreciated!

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Debashis said...

This is a Lesser False Vampire Bat,Megaderma spasma. Note the deep division between the ears,and small rounded nose leaf. Location where photographed is also outside the published range of M.lyra, the Greater False Vampire Bat.
Debashis Ray