Thursday, May 08, 2008

7th May 2008: Air Hitam Dalam, Penang

I spent a few hours here this morning in the hope of catching up with Streak-breasted Woodpecker. There were several 'Picus' woodpeckers drumming, and I had brief views of a female, but nothing conclusive. But here were other birds around - lots of Abbott's Babblers and Asian Paradise Flycatchers, a late Arctic Warbler and a calling Mangrove Pitta.

Mum and baby. The Spotted Wood Owls continue to breed here, despite the ever-shrinking acreage of suitable habitat.

A single Black-and-Red Broadbill spend a short while hawking insects within view, before melting back into the undergrowth.

This male Mangrove Blue Flycatcher was singing away and was quite confiding. The illustration in Robson's Birds of South-east Asia doesn't show the dark chin or the pale orange vent, but Lekagul and Round's Birds of Thailand mentions that the chin is black, so I am assuming, based on the habitat, that this is a Mangrove Blue.

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