Friday, February 20, 2009

19th February 2009: Universiti Sains Malaysia Campus

I got a call from Encik Hifni from the Eco-Hub in USM that the Malayan Night Heron was 'back' (it probably never went away!), so grabbed my camera and drove straight to the campus.

He met me and led me to the place where the bird was roosting. It was extremely shy and wary of us, even though we were some distance away.

The first two pictures were digiscoped at half a second exposure - quite tough as the bird was just below the canopy and blocked by leaves and branches.

If anyone wants to go to see the bird, they should contact Encik Hifni by phone first (phone me and I can let you have his number). The university has agreed to let people in to see the bird provided we stick to this arrangement. He will take you to see the bird personally. It would be practically impossible to find any other way in any case!

My thanks to Encik Hifni and USM for my first lifer of the year!

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