Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some old shots

I just had chance to download some pictures from my digiscoping camera, so here are some random shots from last month.

This Paddyfield Pipit was my only source of amusement during several hours in the hide in the hot sun while waiting for waders to arrive at a high tide roost on 15 August (they didn't!).

It was in the process of moulting from juvenile into first non-breeding plumage. The inner three greater coverts and all visible median coverts are adult-type feathers, while the outer greater coverts are old juvenile feathers (compare with this pic). The body moult is already more or less complete. The bill is typically rather 'weak' for a large pipit.

In fresh plumage the entire underparts are a fairly uniform peachy-buff.

Some more shots from the 18 August trip to Sungai Sedim

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