Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazing wader, West Kalimantan

This photo was taken by Abdurahman Al Qadrie in West Kalimantan in early April this year. Thanks to Pak Abdurahman for permission to post the photo on my blog, and to Bas van Balen for drawing my attention to it.

Pak Abdurahman thought he was looking at a Common Greenshank till the bird flew, when it revealing this amazing wing pattern.

I believe it is a Common Greenshank, showing an extraordinary form of leucism. What do you make of it?


WAWO said...

Wow, what an amazing wing pattern,Greenshank is what it is as you say. Is the wing pattern equal on both sides ? are there any other photos showing the underwing ? Keeping up to date with "Dig Deep" from Russia.

John Holmes said...

"Aberrant" with a capital "A" !

Choy Wai Mun said...

Pied Greenshank!

Erwin said...

Bar Tailed Godwit??
In other words... i have no idea ;-)
Nice puzzle though