Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peninsular Malaysia Checklist now online!

A Checklist of the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia was published by the Malaysian Nature Society last year as MNS Conservation Publication no.10. A downloadable.pdf format file of the checklist is now available at the MNS-BCC Records Committee website. Thanks to Wilbur Goh, the RC Secretary, for uploading the pdf!

The online checklist will be updated periodically (there have already been four additions to the list since it was published), so check for revisions from time to time.


Ron-Nature Adventures said...

Hi Dave,

Once again thank you for your Committees' effort. Wld it be possible to add some legends to the shortforms eg R.M, NT etc in the checklist? Wld be of great help for beginners.


Anonymous said...

A big thank you to all those
at BCC-MNS, and all MNS bird group
members who surely must have contribute on way or other, Syabas!
Choo Eng.

Eyemeria said...

i'll go get it!

digdeep said...

Hi Ronnie

Thanks for pointing that out. We'll add a key in the next week or so.