Tuesday, July 29, 2008

26th July 2008: Sungai Relau and Sungai Juram, Taman Negara

Into the interior. Today, some of us took a 14km ride to Sungai Juram, which is the base camp for the trek to Gunung Tahan. The habitat there is submontane. On the way, we had a brief view of a Golden Cat crossing the road in front of us. Meanwhile, Boo Cheng, who stayed behind, watched a party of 9 Dholes - a large wild Asian dog, so it was a good day for mammals!

A female or juv Blue-winged Leafbird watched at HQ while waiting for the jeep.

The Sungai Juram camp is at the confluence of two rivers, the clear Sungai Juram and the peaty Sungai Tanum (pic).

The rivers are home to both Chestnut-naped and White-crowned Forktails.

A Large Wren Babbler was singing next to the camp.

It was even more challenging to photograph than the pitta!

A Rufous-bellied Eagle flew low overhead.

This White-chested Babbler crept around in the undergrowth by a forest pool.

Two's company! A small group of Chestnut-rumped Babblers began to duet excitedly at my approach.

These Fluffy-backed Tit Babblers make a good mirror image!

On the way back to the HQ, we stopped at an observation tower, which gave commanding views of the Park, including Gunung Tahan (shrouded in cloud unfortunately). It also gave me a change to get some eye level shots of Silver-rumped Needletails.

Some had fresh plumage, while others were in mid wing moult.

Bigger than a fire extinguisher! A praying mantis visited out chalet after dark.

A Lantern Bug on my shirt, which was hanging out to dry.

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Nur Nafis said...

Great photos! Love the tit babblers one!