Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15th February 2011: Work in progress - Whimbrels

I'm working on a digi-painting of a small flock of Whimbrel I saw last Sunday. I thought I'd post it in stages as I develop the painting. This is done using a Wacom tablet and pen (an older version of this) and Photoshop Elements.

Stage 1: I pencil-sketched in the Whimbrels and then added a pale watercolour wash layer.

Stage 2: The background roughed out on a third layer.

Stage 3: Layer 4 - the background layer is developed till looking reasonably finished. I'll come back to it once the birds are done to harmonize the detail levels in both.

Stage 4: In a fresh layer I've started work on the birds. At this stage I'm more interested in getting relative tones right rather than fine details. This is as far as I've got so far!

For more examples of what can be achieved by this medium in the right hands, see here!


WAWO said...

Look forward to seeing this when it is completed Dave. Looking good already. Hope all is well...

Anonymous said...

Estupendo trabajo. Siempre es interesante ver el proceso de creación de otros pintores. Cuando esté terminado seguro que resultará magnífico.
Yo nunca he usado Photoshop para pintar en digital. Yo utilizo "Corel Painter", creo que tiene más posibilidades artísticas.

digdeep said...

Translation (using Google translator): Great job. It is always interesting to see the creative process of other painters. When completed it will be great insurance.
I've never used Photoshop to paint digitally. I use "Corel Painter" I think it has more artistic possibilities.

wengchun said...

Dave, great art work!!!
I found the wacom tablet in MINES shopping center in Serdang last week. It cost over RM1k which I rather save it for my future lens. heheheeheeee.....btw, Dan and Cathy sent their regards to you.

digdeep said...

Hi Weng Chun

Haven't got much further with this unfortunately! A Wacom tablet's not for everyone, but I love it - no messy paints and knocked over water jars!

Glad you had a good time with Dan and Cathy