Sunday, December 25, 2011

25 Dec 2011: Happy Christmas!!

To all long-suffering DigDeep readers, very best wishes for this season and the coming year.

I've been in the UK for the past month, doing almost no birding at all. I did take my family to see a party of Bohemian Waxwings one dull day, and here are a few shots taken through my Dad's scope.

While home, I've had a look through some old photos. Here's one from about 1989 with quite a few past and present birding luminaries from the Malaysian scene. How many can you identify?!

Lastly, congrats to Mun, whose been shooting up the 500 Club league in my absence with the addition of FOUR lifers - and all good ones: Oriental Scops-owl, White-throated Rock-thrush, Brown-chested Jungle-flycatcher and Oriental Darter. Three of those would have been new for me too. It happens every time I leave the country ... sigh!