Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sabah Trip. Day 6-7: 1st -2nd June, Danum Valley Field Centre - Lahad Datu

Our last morning at this wonderful place. Spent a short time around the centre adding a few species to our list. We ended with a reasonable total (considering it was outside the migration season)of 117 if I remember correctly.

Green Imperial Pigeons were the common pigeon around the centre.

Being outside the forest in the early morning meant I got to see this spectacular sight - the sun's rays coming through the Binturong tree.

Just before getting in the van, we got a phone call from Lahad Datu airport to tell us that they'd brought Roger's flight forward - pretty efficient we thought - especially as he hadn't told them where he was going! Sadly, they also informed us that our flight had been cancelled, which meant we had the dubious pleasure of spending almost 24 hours in Lahad Datu!

What can we say about Lahad Datu? We spent some hours wandering around it; the highlights were this street magician, and a shop called 'Wangly Electrical Supplies'.

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