Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27th July 2008: Sungai Relau, Taman Negara

Our last morning started with rain, but fortunately it had stopped by about 7 o'clock.

The distinctive bell-like notes of a group of Black Magpies was soon heard, followed by their equally distinctive flight silhouette.

They were extremely wary and difficult to see well.

A singing Black-throated Babbler was much more obliging.

What a cracker!

I crept into the forest after what I thought was a calling Rail Babbler, and was quite surprised when this Garnet Pitta popped up onto a branch. Again, getting a clear shot was a big challenge.

I was really thrilled when this Black-and-White Bulbul showed up after a lengthy stake-out at a fruiting tree. My only previous encounter with one gave only flight views. I think this may be a female.

This female Green Broadbill was strongly territorial, chasing away all other birds from its preferred patch of fruit.

The last in my series of blurry flight shots! A Raffles' Malkoha overhead.

Another new dragonfly for me - Agrionoptera insignis.

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