Friday, June 05, 2009

4th June: Bukit Penara, Penang

A phone call from Frank Rheindt, who was on a short visit to Penang, meant a swiftly-organized nocturnal foray to see the Oriental Bay-Owls.

The birds duly performed to perfection, and here is a selection of happy memories!


Jason Bugay Reyes said...

Hahaha nice collection Dave :p

Peter Ericsson said...

Wish I had a stake out for the same species. Haven't even seen it yet.

frodo said...

I failed to see this owl when I went up Bk Bendara 6 months ago.Your sighting gives me confidence that I still have another chance when I next next Penang.
Nice pics,Dave.

Wong Tsu Shi said...

Nice shots of this tiny beauty, Dave.