Monday, September 28, 2009

24 -25th September: Whistling Thrush Project, Ipoh

This was a shorter trip than usual, and we weren't able to catch any birds. Nonetheless, we gained some useful information.

It was good to see that one of our ringed birds is paired up with an unringed bird and is obviously feeding young somewhere. So the rings stay on and don't appear to be an impediment to the birds.

Compared to the other bird, the ringed one seems brighter and deeper blackish blue, so is perhaps the male.

I found a thrush's anvil. Snails obviously make up an important part of their diet!

The other thrush which hangs around limestone outcrops - Blue Rock Thrush.

One of our mist netting sites - quite spectacular! A book has just been published about the limestone hills and caves of Perak. More info on how to get hold of the book here. I bought a copy and would recommend you do too!

I was really pleased to find a confiding Banded Bay Cuckoo at Kek Look Tong temple. These birds are widespread in suburban landscapes, but much more often heard than seen.

A Changeable Hawk-eagle.

Bee-eaters have it all - colour, grace, and they are photogenic! This bird was one of a small flock of Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters.

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Wai Yien said...

Very Crisp photos I must say, well done.