Saturday, May 15, 2010

14th May 2010: Gelugor coast, Penang

A late afternoon excursion in the hope of finding a few waders in good light, this was also a chance to try out the RAW settings on my camera for the first time (!)

I could see about thirty Common Redshanks roosting on the other side of the lagoon, and I hoped that as the tide went out, they would come over to feed in front of me. In the meantime I contented myself watching the Little Herons hunting. This subadult was digiscoped.

This breeding adult, with legs flushed pinky-red, should have come out well, but the RAW image produced a jpeg that is rather badly pixellated to my eyes.

The same applies to all the images I processed from RAW. In addition, the range of tones seem to be poorer than when I shoot jpegs. I'm obviously doing something wrong! Can anyone enlighten me?

The stinky mud isn't just for the waterbirds. A variety of Mynas - Jungle, Crested and these Common, came down to feed. I was surprised by the apparent difference in size between these two birds.

Here's what they were after - worms for their babies!

Another pixellated shot. This was taken at ISO200, but looks like ISO1200!

Asian Glossy Starlings are a really common species that I rarely manage to photograph well. They're usually obscured by foliage. Not today though! These were digiscoped.

I waited and waited, but the Redshanks refused to come over and be friendly. I've got nothing against crabs, but times are hard when I start digiscoping them!

Eventually a wader did fly in - it was a Whimbrel - no doubt the same bird that has used the site for some months.

Back in January it had the use of both its legs, but now it is clearly lame, which is probably why it has not attempted the return migration.

A lone, injured bird is an easy target for predators, and it was clearly conscious of its vulnerability. It was keeping a wary eye on a Brahminy Kite soaring very high overhead.

Before you write me an email telling me that waders often stand on one leg and that the bird is perfectly OK, check the video!

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John Holmes said...

You must be doing something wrong, Dave, RAW files are bigger than jpegs from the same camera and have far more info.

We open in "Digital Photo Professional" and to get jpegs "Batch Process" - maybe the setting are wrong at that pont of the process - like dpi, file size & so on..

Stick with RAW... the Malayan Peacock Phezzos deserve no less !