Thursday, July 01, 2010

16th - 18th June: Bukit Ayer FR, Perlis

Catch-up time , as I've been too busy to update the blog for a while.

My wife and I spent a couple of days in Bukit Ayer Forest Reserve chalets in west Perlis over the school holidays. It was quite a feat to find the place completely empty in the middle of the hols. The staff were friendly and helpful and the accommodation excellent - a 4-bed chalet with a/c, TV, hot water - for the princely sum of RM50/night. The only disappointment - a pretty significant one - was that it was difficult to get into any decent forest, as most of the area has been taken over either for orchards or tree nurseries.

This wasn't a full blown bird trip, but here are a few of the shots I took along the way.

Blue-winged Pittas really are a common bird in Perlis. Interesting to see the variation in size and shape of the white wing patch on these two birds.

A calling bird in a rubber plantation.

A pair of Brown Barbets, the pale-billed female on the left.

A male Red-throated Barbet in the same area.

Not sure if this one was an adult female or a subadult male. It gave a subdued and much slower. softer version of the typical call.

A Slender Squirrel.

A couple of scenery shots of Timah-Tasoh Lake.

A night walk in the hope of bumping into a White-fronted Scops Owl produced Oriental Bay Owl and Javan Frogmouth but not White-fronted. Not much to photograph though - except this spider...

...and this Leopard Cat in the forest. They're much easier to see in plantations!

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Jason Bugay Reyes said...

Yes easy to see at the plantation like at Tabin Wildlife Reserve heeeee