Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The passing of a great man

I just learned today of the death of John Stott. I've never had an obituary on my blog before, but I felt I couldn't let this moment go by unmarked. Though I only had the privilege of hearing him speak once, John Stott's books and lifestyle have had a great impact on me, and I can truly say that his was a life well-lived.

John Stott was the one who pointed out to me in his book "The Birds Our Teachers" that Jesus actually commands us to study birds!

Photo: John Yates

John Stott 1921 - 2011

You can read The Guardian's obituary here.


colourofcalm said...

it is sad! I didn't realise Jesus commands us to study birds, that's really interesting I love birds and keep meaning to paint some more of them at some stage.

digdeep said...

John Stott wrote in "The Birds our Teachers": "It was Jesus Christ himself in the Sermon on the Mount who told us to be birdwatchers! 'Behold the fowls of the air' is how the King James' Version renders his command (Matthew 6:26). Translated into basic English, however, his instruction becomes 'watch birds!'...Moreover, he meant more than we should notice them. For the Greek verb employed here means to fix our eyes on or take a good look at. This will certainly include our study and appreciation of their plumage and behaviour. But the Bible tells us that birds have lessons to teach us as well." And that's what the rest of the book is about!

Peter Ericsson said...

Seems like an extraordinary man who now has gone to his Heavenly reward!
Tx for sharing!

Gretchen said...

Though I've read several of his books, I had not seen this one - I had no idea he was a bird watcher. Thanks for sharing this.

colourofcalm said...

that's cool, yes I can see that there would be different lessons to learn through different types of birds, the eagle that soars high above the rest and has a greater view, his discerning eye sees more because of the soaring... and there is an expression.. eagle eyed! the owl, sees in the dark.. etc etc. hmmm I think maybe I should get this book at some point..