Friday, August 27, 2010

Kubah Preview

More pics to come when I've had chance to process them, but for now - here's the highlight of three and a half days at Kubah National Park, just outside Kuching, really should go!

Click on the little arrows bottom right to enjoy the full screen version!


Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...


Superb shot of the Pitta.
Looking forward for the full report.

Gyorgy Szimuly (Szimi) said...

Is it a female Blue-banded Pitta? The video footage is excellent.

digdeep said...

Hi Szimi

I'm not sure of the gender. It was calling, and responsive my calls. I don't know if females call. The blue breast band is not as fully developed as on other photographed birds. So possibly a young male?



Richard King said...

Wow, fantastic video and photo! I hope one day to get a view like that of this bird.

Russell Jenkins said...

Wow! This photo really caught my eye. Wonderful bird and great photo.

Peter Ericsson said...

That is so good Dave. Glad you got it! Wonderful!

Erwin said...

He loves the camera attention :P