Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 January 2011: Bukit Wang, Kedah

Lots of birds, but not too many photo opportunities! My bird of the day was a Thick-billed Flowerpecker, my 550th species in Peninsular Malaysia!

This male Banded Kingfisher was more obliging than most, and sat within digiscoping range for some time.

On our way back, this extremely shiny bronze-cuckoo had me wondering about Shining Bronze-cuckoo, but the head pattern seems too distinct, so it must be a very bright Little Bronze - perhaps a subadult male.


Cees de Vries said...

Dear Dave,
I think you mean Kingfisher instead of woodpecker!


anaklangkawi said...

You need to come to Langkawi again.. Catch all those nice pictures of eagles here.

Especially the white bellied eagle
Quite rare species..

digdeep said...

Hi Cees

!! It had been a long day! Thanks!