Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Waders: The rest

Here are the rest of the wader shots from my Australia trip.

A Grey-tailed Tattler at Long Reef.

A shot showing the nasal groove.

A juvenile in flight. The underwing coverts of Wandering are supposed to be darker than Grey-tailed, according to Brazil's Birds of East Asia. I would guess that's a pretty difficult thing to judge in the field!

Seeing waders roosting on a rock platform was a pleasant change from sandbars and and prawn ponds!

Some of these Red-necked Stints had very prominent 'split supercilia'.

A first winter still with some juvenile scapulars.

Birds started feeding in rock pools as the tide went down.

An adult 'PGP'.

Ruddy Turnstones - widespread, seldom numerous, always smart!

The two species of oystercatcher - Sooty and Pied, the latter a heavily colour-ringed bird on Phillip Island.

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