Friday, February 11, 2011

Mouth-watering Spoonie photos

This guy not only has the most gripping avatar imaginable, he has now produced some definitive Spoon-billed Sandpiper shots! Don't miss this!

Note that there are SIX PAGES of these beauties at this link!!


Wong Tsu Shi said...

Thanks for the link, Dave.

For those who do not read Chinese, the photogrpaher says in his post that he started photographing this precious Spoonies since September 2007, without any financial sponsorship from anyone, he has been to the estuary of "MingJiang" river 235 times.

digdeep said...

Wow - then I suppose he deserves these pics! Well done Chen Lin!

Paul Wu said...

Truly a commendable effort!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. My favorite photo is the one with the water droplets. Amazing!

WAWO said...

Absolute stunning, thanks for sharing them, amazing!!

John Holmes said...

Great link, Dave - hadn't seen these pics before.Chen Lin has "definitive" Chinese Crested Tern pics taken on the same beach, too !

We visited the Minjiang Estuary in summer 2008, link here:-

AND breeding White-faced Plovers as well.... a species close to your heart !